About Us

Physically, Abaya Winery is on a wooded hilltop overlooking Galilean olive groves, just an hour and a half from Tel Aviv. In terms of sprit and inspiration the winery is firmly rooted in the ground of the Abaya ridge the stretches down from the winery towards the ecological village of Clil in the valley below while maintaining a dialogue with wines and vineyards from France to California.

Abaya was founded in 2006 by Yossi Yodfat and is a reflection of his very clear values that call for a balance between a life of making things locally, creativity and ecological sensibility.

Our viticulture reflects these values, making natural wines and slowly, year after year, adding new vineyards, all of which are farmed in a sustainable manner. In many cases, we have taken over vineyards in which the earth has been abused, and spend a long time restoring the healthy balance of the earth in which our vines grow.

Abaya winemaking continues this outlook, using only natural wild yeasts for fermentation in sustained efforts to reflect both the vineyard and grape variety. These are unfiltered natural wines made with only minuscule amounts of Sulfur Dioxide.







אירוח ביקב 1.jpg
אירוח ביקב 1.jpg

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