Grapes and Vineyards


Moshav Dalton vineyard: Our Syrah grapes come from this Upper Galilee vineyard in a north-facing valley north of the moshav with well-ventilated vines planted on reddish earth with both basalt and limestone elements.

Sindyani Vineyard: Our Colombard grapes come from this vineyard in central Israel. This grape has an insipid reputation but we gave found that in the hot Israeli climate with the right viticulture to can produce interesting wines. The vineyard near the Taninim stream is planted on greyish, chalky soil with flint shards and is grown without any supplementary irrigation, unlike most Israeli vineyards.

The Snonit Vineyard: Relatively close to the Sindyani vineyard, and planted with old Carignan vines on grey chalky soil.

Um-Tut Vineyard: An old Carignan vineyard, planted in the Shfeya Valley, delineating the Carmel ridge from south.

Planted on red limestone soil, paved with basalt fragments.

Shuni Vineyard: A vineyard with nearly 50-year old Carignan vines near the Taninim stream. Planted on heavy, deep clay soil, this was the first vineyard we rehabilitated back in 2014 by using soil-friendly farming practices.

More on the restoration project.


The Grapes

We carefully selected varieties of grapes that have been well acclimatized to a relatively hot climate and thus allow us to make local Israeli wines;

wines that expresses us, our culture, and the Israeli climate and geography.


The columbard, a delicate white grape strain with high acidity, is used to produce two wines: Sandiani, our white wine, and Moon-Ways our Orange Wine, a wine we produced by long soaking of the white grapes in their skin.


The Carignan, a variety that was underappreciated in Israel for many years but is now getting its due recognition, is used for four red wines from three old vineyards, Snonit, Shuni and Um-Tut. These are Mediterranean wines, full of character.


We use the red Syrah for our As Is – rich, deep and broad wine.



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כל הזכויות שמורות - יקב עבייה 2014