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Our most accessible entry level wine. Made mainly with Carignan grapes, the names is a tongue in cheek reference to the cheap (and often quite unpalatable) wines made from this grape in the 1970s and 80s. But our Proletar is a "working class hero". a young wine made from old vines. A good wine to drink slightly chilled on hot summer day.

As Is

Syrah like Syrah, like Syrah is like Syrah.

An elegant and rich Mediterranean wine, full of aromas of tar and fruit.

Syrah like we like it.

Our "representative wine," or, more precisely, the red wine that we are proud to represent us.


This is Carignan talking out loud. A strong wine with high acidity with with defined texture, deep in color with huge nose and flavors.


Carignan, which for many years has not been properly appreciated, has a rare ability to be very "down to earth". The ability to fill the wine with aromas of earth, life and sun, with very special qualities and intensities.

This wine, produced from an old Carignan vineyard in Shuni (Ha’Nadiv Valley), is a rich, complex, deep, dark, creative, rough and elegant expression of this ability. But at the same time this wine is also gentle, quiet and by no means heavy.

Wine in the deepest sense of the word.

סנונית 2019
סנונית 2019

um tut carignan 16
um tut carignan 16

Proletar 2019
Proletar 2019

סנונית 2019
סנונית 2019



White wine produced from Colombard grapes coming from the Sandiani vineyard in Ha’Nadiv valley. Its acidity is relatively high, its fruitiness is gentle and the barrel flavors blend into it gently. most of this wine fermented in oak barrels, aged on its lees for several months, and bottled, unlike usually with white wines, with minimal use of sulfur dioxide and without fining, cold stabilization or filtration.

The choice of a less common grape variety, yet one that is very suitable for the growing conditions of Ha’Nadiv Valley, together with the choice of a different way of winemaking, have proven to be very good choices in this wine. A loyal ambassador of Abaya’s natural winemaking vision.



This wine, made from white colombard grapes coming from the Sindyani vineyard in Ha’Nadiv Valley, is "orange wine". Its intense golden hue, its unique aroma and flavor derive from long soaking in skin during and after fermentation.

This wine too, like its white Sindyani sibling, is a loyal ambassador of the natural winemaking path we have chosen. It is aged in oak for several months and is then bottled without cold stabilization, filtration or fining, with only a small amount of sulfur dioxide.


לוגו ללא רקע